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Thank you for choosing Brainstorm Software Development services. Please read this policy carefully before you use our services as it explains different kinds of personal information we collect about you and how it is handled. By your continued use of our services or applications, you acknowledge and consent to the collection and use of your personal information for the purposes of improving our services as set out in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes:

1. what kind of information we collect and why,
2. how we use such information,
3. your obligations to protect the privacy,
4. information security.

Personal information we collect

Why we collect information

Brainstorm Software Development (hereinafter referred to as "Brainstorm" or "We" or "Us") aims to provide the professional applications on different platforms. If you do not allow Brainstorm to collect, display or use your information, or you disagree with Brainstorm Software Development user agreement or privacy policy, you can not make use of Brainstorm Software Development services and applications. If you have already begun using Brainstorm services or applications, you should cease the use of the services or applications immediately. Otherwise your using shall mean or imply that you have accepted our agreements, rules and policies.

Classification of information

We will classify information collected into the following two major types according to whether personal identity can be recognized or not.

1. Identifiable Personal Information that can be used to directly identify, track, and confirm personal identity information, such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, and so on.

2. Unidentifiable Personal Information, we may record and store your usage of Brainstorm services or applications to provide you a more personalized experience, such information relate to you but cannot be used to directly identify, track, or confirm your personal identity information.

Information we collect

Brainstorm Software Development collects only Unidentifiable Personal Information which cannot be used to identify you directly.

Information we get from your use of Brainstorm Software Development services or applications

In order to provide you with better service, we may record and analyze your use of our services, the way you use it and other relevant information, including:

Device information

We may collect detailed device information (for example, your hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information, etc) and device event information (for example, crashes, system activity, hardware settings, browser type and browser language, etc).

Log file

When you use our services or applications, our system may automatically collect and store certain information in server logs (for example, your IP address, the date and time of your login or logout, pages you viewed, information you uploaded or shared, applications you installed or used, advertisements you clicked, etc).

Location information

Our applications may contain service with locating function. When you use such service, we may collect and process information about your actual location (such as GPS signals sent by a mobile device).

Local storage

We may collect and store information locally on your device using mechanisms such as browser web storage and application data storage.

Use of Web Beacons and Cookies

We use various technologies to collect and store information to supply you with better and faster services, and this may include sending Web Beacons and cookies to your device to help you spend less time on accessing and using our services. Cookies we sent can only be read by Brainstorm Software Development servers, services and applications and they are unable to execute any malicious code. You can set your browser to reject all cookies. This kind of information is called Unidentifiable Personal Information.

Disclosure and publicity of personal identification information

With our respect and protection to your privacy, we guarantee not to rent or sell user information to any third party or individual, unless one of the following circumstances applies:

1. with your consent
2. for legal reasons or government requests
3. for protection of legal rights of Brainstorm Software Development and other users, or public security and public interest under emergencies.

Privacy protection after bankruptcy, merge or acqusition

In the event that Brainstorm Software Development undergoes a business transition, such as a merge, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, we may transfer all of your information, including personal information, to the successor organization in such transition.

Information security

We protect information and data stored in our systems from unauthorized access. We will try our best to protect your information security, however, we are unable to make any commitment considering the complexity of online security environment.

Remedies of information leakage

Please inform Us when your personal information is likely to be or has already been leaked. We will make our best effort to help by taking reasonable actions. We may contact you through registered mailbox if any or make a warning announcement on our website, if we find any potential security risk such as system vulnerabilities.

For users from different countries

Brainstorm Software Development protects privacy and personal information in compliance with laws and regulations of Republic of Poland (excluding laws of conflict), and such polices also apply to Brainstorm Software Development services users from other countries and districts.

Risk and disclaimer

You agree that We do not bear any responsibility if your personal information and privacy leaks out of any reasons below:

1. attack from virus, malware or hackers
2. for legal reasons or government requests
3. any other reason not relevant to Brainstorm Software Development

Changes of privacy terms

Brainstorm Software Development is entitled to make proper adjustments on the range of information collection, the way of information display, and the platform settings in accordance with the development of business and the change in law and policies. Any Privacy Policy change will be posted on our website. You have the right to decide whether to continue using Brainstorm Software services or not. If you disagree with the updated Privacy Policy, you should instantly remove all Brainstorm Software Development applications from your device.

Contact us

We will follow up and review the enforcement of our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please send an e-mail to: